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Preferred Customer Sales
Customers who buy a Preferred Customer membership enjoy paying wholesale prices for AMSOIL Products and receive exclusive promotions. Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL products for personal use and will sometimes order for friends and family. You earn commission credits on PC Sales, which translate to higher commission earnings.

Online/Catalog Sales
You can also sell AMSOIL products through online/catalog sales. These customers purchase products at online/catalog pricing through electronic and print catalogs (G100, G300 Can.) you distribute or through the AMSOIL Online Store and receive free shipping on orders of $100 or more.* Online/catalog pricing is higher than suggested retail to accommodate free shipping.

Catalog/online sales earn you retail profits and commission credits. Your retail profits are the difference between wholesale cost and suggested retail.

Order taking, shipping and returns are all handled by AMSOIL INC. To allow all Dealers, regardless of computer experience or equipment, to participate in online marketing and sales, AMSOIL has partnered with Empowerkit to offer a range of website packages. Visit the Dealer Zone for more information.

Build a Sales Team
When you sponsor new Dealers, you help others learn about AMSOIL, help them build their own business and reach their goals. You’re also building a sales team and growing your business – the commission value of your group’s sales is added to your monthly commissions.

Retail Account Sales
Selling AMSOIL products to retail accounts is another way to earn commissions. Retail accounts are retail outlets such as auto parts stores, power equipment dealerships, quick lubes and automotive service centers. These stores stock AMSOIL products to sell to their customers or install AMSOIL products as part of a service, such as oil changes.

Like commercial accounts, you earn cash and commission credits on all your retail accounts’ purchases.

Commercial Account Sales
Commercial accounts can provide a steady source of income for an AMSOIL Dealer. Commercial
accounts are businesses that have company-owned vehicles, equipment and machinery that
use the high-quality lubricants and filters available from AMSOIL. These accounts do not sell
AMSOIL products; they use them in their company vehicles, equipment and machinery.

When you register a commercial account, you earn a cash commission on every purchase your account makes. Each account purchase also earns you commission credits that are added to your commission credit totals and applied to the commission schedule.

Retail Sales
As an AMSOIL Dealer, you purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost and sell them at the suggested retail price. Your income starts building immediately with retail profits. You’ll also earn extra profits with AMSOIL commissions. Every AMSOIL product you purchase has a commission value, known as commission credits. At the end of each month, your total accumulated commission credits are calculated and AMSOIL sends you a check based on the AMSOIL Commission Schedule. Commission credit values are available from the Profit Interface in the Dealer Zone at and in the Dealer Profit List (G3501).

When AMSOIL synthetic motor oil was introduced more than 40 years ago, many viewed oil as simply
a commodity. But AMSOIL synthetic motor oil was much more than that. It provided value beyond
conventional oils through improved wear protection, extended drain intervals and longer-lasting engines.
It was difficult, however, to convey those benefits as the product sat on store shelves, and with its higher
initial cost, consumers were reluctant to purchase.

Effectively selling AMSOIL synthetic motor oil required education — a one-on-one sales approach. In 1973,
the we introduced a marketing plan based on a network of independent AMSOIL Dealers who could explain
the product’s benefits. Dealers gained success and AMSOIL went on to introduce several other synthetic
lubricants that stand as industry firsts, solidifying our position as
the leader in synthetic technology. Today, as demand for AMSOIL
products continues to expand, we remain committed to our network of
independent Dealers.

Demand for AMSOIL products has never been higher, and as vehicles and equipment become more sophisticated, that demand grows more rapidly. AMSOIL is well-equipped to meet demand with state-of-the-art blending and packaging equipment, strategic distribution and logistics models and advanced technical expertise to continue driving the company — and the industry — forward. However ambitious or modest your goals, you can be assured they are part of a rock-solid, stable business opportunity.

AMSOIL Dealers and accounts can always find the latest company developments in the Dealer, Commercial and Retail Account Zones. Dealers also receive AMSOIL Magazine and the Hotwire e-newsletter each month, which provide product news, industry developments, testimonials and other valuable information. Preferred Customers receive a quarterly, special edition of AMSOIL Magazine. Service Line is a quarterly newsletter for retail and commercial accounts. It focuses on issues affecting the retail marketplace and how AMSOIL synthetic lubricants can save them money. In addition, AMSOIL corporate staff is available by phone, email and fax to assist Dealers with technical, administrative, sales or any other AMSOIL-related questions.